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Arboretum Arboriculture Team Members

Urban Forestry Team Members

The Morris Arboretum's Urban Forestry Consulting team includes both nationally and regionally recognized experts in tree care.

Headshot of Jason Lubar

Jason Lubar, Associate Director of Urban Forestry

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, American Society of Consulting Arborist (ASCA) member

Mr. Lubar has been a part of the Morris Arboretum's Urban Forestry Consultants for over a decade. Jason is a PennDel ISA Board Member and serves on Penn-Del’s Nursery Quality Task Force. He also is on the Executive Board and is treasurer of the Pennsylvania’s Urban and Community Forestry Council. Before joining Morris Arboretum, he served as a consultant and employee of various local urban forestry groups and related organizations. He co-founded the Wissahickon Stewardship Program; a community-based natural resource management program in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park and has been involved in many other environmental programs.

Contact Jason Lubar at 215.247.5777 x189 or

Headshot of Bob Wells

Robert Wells, Associate Director of Arboriculture

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, American Society of Consulting Arborist (ASCA) member, New Jersey Certified Tree Expert #257

Mr. Wells has 35 years of experience as the owner of a private tree care firm in Princeton, New Jersey. He graduated from Cook College, Rutgers University with a B.S. in plant sciences, and is a NJ Certified Tree Expert and an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board Certified Master Arborist. Mr. Wells is also an active member of the Tree Care Industry Association and the American Society of Consulting Arborists. Mr. Wells has served as the chair of the Princeton Township Shade Tree Commission for 15 years.

Contact Robert Wells at 215.247.5777 x144 or

Headshot of Trish Kemper

Trish Kemper, Urban Forestry Technician

MLA, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board Certified Arborist

Trish Kemper graduated from Temple University with a Master’s degree in landscape architecture with a strong emphasis on ecological restoration. She also has a B.S in Computer Science from Penn State. She was the Martha S. Miller & Rusty Miller Endowed Urban Foresty Intern for 2015-2016. Afterwards, she continued to work with the Urban Forestry Consultants and became the Urban Forestry Technician in November 2017. Trish is an ISA certified arborist and also qualified in Tree Risk Assessment (TRAQ). Previously, she has interned at the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association and worked at Leon’s Garden World in Wilmington, Delaware.

Contact Trish Kemper at 215.247.5777 x149 or

Headshot of Amanda Wood

Eliza Nobles, Martha S. Miller Endowed Urban Forestry Intern

Eliza just graduated from Drexel University and holds a self-directed B.S. in Urban Ecology, with a minor in Science, Technology, and Society. Eliza is interested in studying and protecting urban ecosystems. Eliza works with the Urban Forestry team to consult and assess various trees. She also helps write reports, tree policies and standards, and other tree related documents to protect trees and other natural resources. This position is supported by the Martha S Miller & Rusty Miller Endowment.

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Urban Forestry Consultants diagnose problematic tree health and safety conditions by using the most up-to-date specialty tools such as a mechanical recording resistance drill.

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