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Support the TREES Act!


As an arboretum, we're devoted to the existence and potential of trees within nature as well as communities, which is why we're calling on our visitors to support The Residential Energy and Economic Savings Act (TREES Act) of 2021. 

U.S. Congress is considering creating a new program that would plant 300,000 trees a year, mainly in high-heat, underserved urban communities—like many Philadelphia neighborhoods. 

Trees are often sparse in underserved communities, and as a result people who have the hardest time covering cooling and heating expenses in their homes are the same people who have higher energy bills. The TREES Act would provide funding to plant trees in areas that need them most, with the goal of cooling neighborhoods and reducing energy costs. Trees planted through this program would also help mitigate climate change and absorb pollutants that are harmful to people with respiratory illnesses.

The $50 million annual program, which would be run by the U.S. Department of Energy, would provide funding to a variety of groups including, potentially, Philadelphia City Government and non-profit organizations. Help us push for more funding for tree planting in areas that need it most by asking your Congressional leaders to co-sponsor TREES Act (H.R. 3522 and S. 1782)

Sign the petition today!

And to learn more about the history of trees in Philadelphia and the ongoing work to improve access in underserved communities, check out the Tree Plan as well as our friends at Tree Philly!