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Swan Pond

Tree with pink blooms in the foreground with a small white gazebo in the background.
A swan swims in a pond surrounded by green foliage and pink flowers, with a small white gazebo in the background.
Designed and installed in 1905 by John Morris, the Swan Pond is an artificial lake that was created by damming the East Brook, which naturally flows through the Morris. The idea for the Swan Pond likely came from the popular 18th century landscape design style of the English romantic landscape which often included a classical temple reflected at water’s edge. Sculpted of white marble, it was modeled after the plans of Vitruvious, an Augustan student of architecture. Records from that time period indicate that the Morrises purchased a pair of swans in 1923 for $82.50.
The Swan Pond is the year-round home of the Morris’s beloved swan sisters, Flora and Fauna.