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Current Exhibitions

Morris Arboretum & Gardens displays a rotation of innovative exhibitions that enhance the garden experience.

A model train rides along a track with a miniature replica of the Philadelphia Art Museum in the background.

Plants in the Age of Dinosaurs

In Plants in the Age of Dinosaurs—a new self-guided exhibition that runs from Saturday, May 25, 2024 through Monday, September 30, 2024—visitors will learn more about the plants in our collection with roots that go back to prehistoric times. Join Morris Arboretum & Gardens as we travel back to the Mesozoic era, a time 252 to 66 million years ago (MYA) that saw the dominance of reptiles and conifers, the rise of dinosaurs, and the emergence of flowering plants.  

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Garden Railway: Dinos!

With more than 15 different rail lines running along a third of a mile of track, visitors will enjoy a spectacular display of dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus rexTriceratops, and Velociraptor all made out of natural materials such as bark, leaves, and twigs. As one of the largest outdoor miniature train displays in the United States, the Garden Railway will delight and amaze visitors of all ages. 

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Exuberant Blooms

Exuberant Blooms, our annual modern take on Victorian flower carpets, gets even HOTTER this summer with eight beds of bigger, bolder, brighter, and more beautiful flowers!

Spread over more than a quarter acre of open garden, the large paisley-shaped floral “islands” contain more than 10,000 plants with heights ranging from 8 inches to 8 feet. Hot colors dominate this year’s exhibition with a wide variety of annual and tropical plants of vibrant orange, pink, red, and purple flowers all vying for attention. And while there will be new and interesting foliage for visitors to admire (and hummingbirds and birds to enjoy!), we are also bringing back many of your plant favorites from last year.

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Treetop Canopy Walk

Get a bird’s eye view of the forest from 50 feet up, perched on a canopy walk high above ground level. Or scamper down onto the Squirrel Scramble, a huge hammock-like net where you can look down to the ground far below through the rope netting.

Generously supported by the Jane and Leonard Korman Family Foundation.

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Whimsical Woods

Visit our Whimsical Woods, the Morris’s reimagined garden space specifically for children! The fun includes the Willow Wander, a 40’ long, 6’ high tunnel made of living willow, as well as a Fairy Garden that invites visitors to use materials found in the natural world to create their own enchanted fairy houses. Additional events and programs like scavenger hunts and story times will be scheduled throughout the year. 

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