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Current Exhibitions

Morris Arboretum displays a rotation of innovative exhibitions that enhance the garden experience.

A model train rides along a track with a miniature replica of the Philadelphia Art Museum in the background.

Treetop Canopy Walk

Generously supported by the Jane and Leonard Korman Family Foundation.
Get a bird’s eye view of the forest from 50 feet up, perched on a canopy walk high above ground level. Or scamper down onto the Squirrel Scramble, a huge hammock-like net where you can look down to the ground far below through the rope netting.

About the Treetop Canopy Walk Host a party at the Treetop Canopy Walk

Garden Railway

Visitors of all ages will be wowed by a quarter mile of track featuring seven loops and tunnels with fifteen different rail lines and two cable cars, nine bridges (including a trestle bridge you can walk under!), and bustling model trains, all set in the lovely garden of the Morris Arboretum.

About The Garden Railway

Fairy Woods

Be sure to stop in at the Fairy Woods next to Loop de Loop in the Sculpture Garden. This summer, families of tiny fairies have moved in to the Arboretum. They need your help to build them a place to sleep!

About the Fairy Woods